Biohazard Clean Up

Biohazard cleanup in Southern Arizona

Biohazard-Cleanup-1Quality Restoration 24 Hour Emergency Services is southern Arizona’s expert disaster restoration and biohazard cleanup provider. With 34 years of experience, we’ve built a reputation for fast, thorough cleaning of crime scenes, biohazard cleanup, and disaster recovery.

Whether the disaster involves a crime scene cleanup, blood cleanup, or cleaning up a hoarder’s home; our certified technicians are experts at cleaning biohazards and restoring property to normal condition.

We go far beyond ordinary cleaning services, and we guarantee exceptional results.

Bio hazard clean up services

Biohazard-Cleanup-2We’re experts when it comes to cleaning and removing bio hazards, whatever their source. We specialize in blood cleanup, cleaning up the aftermath of sewage backups, animal remains, urine, feces and other body wastes, and removing wastes accumulated by hoarders.

If you’re a landlord who rented a property to tenants who were victims of a crime, unattended death or serious injury at your property, we can help.

We make sure that all biohazard waste is removed, so your property is safe once again. Even when you’re faced with what seems like an overwhelming problem, our technicians make sure the cleaning is done thoroughly and safely.

Since 1982 we’ve helped thousands of Arizona families and business owners clean up after disasters and tragedies. Regardless of the source of the biohazard, we can safely remove it and restore your home or business to usable condition.


We can clean up any kind of disaster

Biohazard-Cleanup-3Beyond crime scene cleaning and blood cleaning, we also handle every other kind of disaster, such as fire and smoke damage, wind and water damage, animal wastes and odor removal.

Quality Restoration 24 Hour Emergency Services is based in Tucson, and we respond 24-7-365 throughout southern Arizona. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with spotless bio hazard cleanups and recovery from other disasters, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Most importantly, since we’re a preferred provider to most of the major insurers, we can bill them directly for your cleaning needs.


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