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After a fire, safety is the first consideration

If you’ve suffered a fire in your home or business, do not touch any surface and you should call us ASAP. While awaiting the arrival of our fire damage cleanup team, there are several things you can do to help.

Step One

First, safety for you, your family and possessions is the primary consideration. Only enter the property once firefighters tell you it’s safe to do so.

Step Two

It may be helpful to place old linens or towels on carpeted traffic areas. Even then, limit movement in the property to keep soot particles from becoming embedded into carpets and upholstery. Also, wash any affected plants on both sides of their leaves.

Step Three

Be careful not to use any electrical outlets or circuits which may have been affected by fire damage or water damage.

Step Four

It’s important to avoid using any electrical appliances that may have been affected by heat, fire damage or water damage. If the electricity is turned off, empty the refrigerator and freezer and prop the doors open.

Step Five

Don’t try to wash any surfaces or shampoo any carpets or upholstery by yourself; wait for our team to arrive – The wrong techniques might make the damage worse.

Step Six

Also, sending any clothing to be dry-cleaned, first consult with our fire damage cleanup professionals; the wrong type of cleaning may cause smoke odors to become permanently “set” into clothing.

We’ll quickly restore your home or business to its normal condition, so you can return to your normal daily routine.

How We Can Assist With Fire Damage

We can clean up the aftermath of the fire, rebuild your property, and eliminate smoke damage and odors. We not only repair fire damage, we also deep-clean the soot from your carpets, upholstery and home surfaces in order to remove the smoke odor which follows any fire.

The process we follow for fire damage restoration includes:


Initially stabilising the contents and your property.


Removing the contents on the site.


Cleaning the items, then reinstating them in the property.


Cleaning the walls and floor coverings and reinstating them.


If restoration services have been completed, we will fully inspect.


Ozone treatments so we can help remove the odour from the property that we are treating.


We will then use air scrubbers, that have carbon filters on them, in order to help eliminate the odours while we clean.

The best fire damage clean up

If you’re faced with the aftermath of a fire, you can call us 24-7. We’ve been cleaning up and restoring homes like yours for more than 34 years. We’ll repair all fire damage and eliminate all smoke odors from your home or other property.

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I have been dealing with Quality restoration on numerous projects for over 20 years now.  I am always amazed how they use their years of experience, and couple them with modern technology and techniques to quickly and efficiently restore a home or commercial building.  Their is no job too big or small for these folks! John Floro

Quality Restoration is a top notch company to work with.  They have exceptional employees that take great care of customers in need.  Taking our calls 24/7, providing professional work and advise for emergency situations, helps us do our job more efficiently.  Thanks Quality for all you do, from all of us at Wood’s Plumbing!  Bill and Deb Wood Bill Wood

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