Flood Damage in Southern Arizona

Flood damage here in Arizona usually arises from one of several causes – sometimes monsoon rains combine with leaky roofs to cause damage inside homes or businesses.

Or, broken pipes go undetected for hours or even days at a time, leading to flooding damage in homes and businesses. Worse, sewage backups can sometimes lead to foul-smelling flood damage and potentially dangerous situation.

Whenever there’s damage from flooding, immediate action is critically important in order to limit further problems. If you have water damage, Quality Restoration can help. We have the specialized equipment to remove the water quickly, and thoroughly dry your property.

First aid for flood damage

Even while you’re calling us, you should locate the source of the water and turn it off, if possible. Sometimes a simple valve left open allows large quantities of water to flow during even a short period of time.

If you’re unable to locate the source of the flooding, or it can’t be stopped, don’t worry – our expert teams respond 24-7-365 throughout Tucson and the entire southern Arizona region. We’ll quickly find and stop the flow once we arrive.

While you wait for us to arrive, if it’s safe to enter the flooded area you may gather small items and important documents that may be affected.

However, safety is always the top priority – If there is water in or around any electrical fixtures, you should stay out of the area. Also, avoid entering any rooms where the ceiling is sagging because of water damage.


Flood damage

Our teams have many years of experience in limiting the effects of water damage and quickly restoring your property. We specialize in water cleanup even in situations where the problem may seem overwhelming.
With more than 34 years of experience in water cleanup, we know exactly what to do, and how to do it. Once we arrive, we inspect and assess the damage. We then immediately begin our water removal and water extraction operations in order to stop the damage

Next, we dry and dehumidify your property. We use advanced equipment to detect hidden pockets of moisture and extract any remaining water. By removing water quickly and keeping the surrounding air dry, we’re usually able to limit the water damage.

Then, we clean and sanitize your home and belongings, so you can be sure it’s safe and healthy once again.

We respond to water damage and flooding emergencies 24-7 everywhere in Tucson and throughout southern Arizona.