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Serving Tucson Since 1982

Serving Tucson Since 1982

We Deliver Tucson Water Damage, Flood, Fire & Smoke Restoration Services

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Our highly trained personnel, combined with our access to expert resources renders Quality Restoration 24 Hour Services the “one-stop, single-source” for all your disaster restoration needs. You deal with one company, therefore you hold only one company accountable for the end result. Our team of knowledgeable professionals provide the care and assurance in managing restoration of water damage.

Quality Restoration 24 Hour Services evaluates numerous restoration and reconstruction techniques to ensure a prompt, high-quality but cost-effective solution. We care about the insured as well as the insurer, enabling us to follow the most efficient and direct path to an exemplary project completion.


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Company Overview

Minimize Your Loss & Restore Your Belongings

Quality Restoration is Tucson’s leading restoration contractor. We’ve been proudly serving southern Arizona since 1982. We’re family-owned and operated, and over the past 33 years we’ve grown to become Tucson’s most trusted restoration contractor.

Our reputation is built on speed, professionalism, and affordability. To our customers we provide peace of mind in knowing that any disaster is manageable, no matter how overwhelming it may seem at first. If you’re faced with the aftermath of a fire, flood or serious accident, you need professional disaster recovery services. We know how it feels when disaster strikes, so our top priority is to clean and restore your property to its normal condition as quickly as possible.

We’re the best to call for your worst cleanup job

Fire Damage Restoration

Tucson’s best fire, smoke and water damage restoration services

Our skilled, certified restoration teams respond quickly to any disaster.   We provide 24-hour disaster cleanup and biohazard removal services throughout Tucson and southern Arizona.

✓  Immediate response

✓  Licensed and certified

✓  Restoration after fire, smoke damage or water damage

✓  Odor elimination

✓  Blood cleanup

✓  Biohazard cleanup

✓  Direct billing to your insurance company

Crime Scene Cleanup

Minimize Your Loss & Restore Your Belongings


When you’re faced with the aftermath of a crime, we can help. At Quality Restoration our certified professional crime scene cleanup experts can fully restore your property after a disaster. Quality Restoration has more than 33 years of experience in blood cleanup and the safe removal of biohazards.

We’re southern Arizona’s leading provider of biohazard removal, blood cleanup and other disaster restoration services. We can handle any cleaning task, no matter how bad it may seem. If you and your property have been touched by disaster, you should call us.  Our teams are well experienced and fully certified in the handling and removal of biohazards including blood, human remains, animal wastes.

Whether there’s been an accident or a crime, we’ll quickly clean up and restore your property to safe, usable normal condition, so you can return to your normal routine soon.

If your home or other property has been affected by a disaster, call us now.

Cigarette Smoke and Other Odors

Minimize Your Loss & Restore Your Belongings

After a fire the damage may seem overwhelming. Yet, the most important task is to act quickly to prevent further property damage and avoid potential health issues. You should call the experts here at Quality Restoration. We have over 33 years of experience in disaster cleanup in Tucson and throughout southern Arizona.

Smoke damage restoration is critically important because the lingering odor of smoke indicates that toxic residues remain.  We make sure that all fire damage and smoke damage is properly addressed, so that your property is once again safe to use.  Where there’s fire, there’s smoke and residual ash. When fire consumes property, these byproducts are nearly always toxic.  That’s because they contain residues from the combustion of plastic, asphalt, rubber and other petroleum compounds and chemicals.

These residues, which cause a lingering smoke odor, are hazardous to health. And, they’re often acidic, so they corrode and discolor metals and other materials.  Even the apparently-unburnt items at the site of a fire should be professionally cleaned, since the smoke residues may not be visible to the eye.

Quality Restoration can help. Since we’re a preferred provider of fire and smoke restoration services throughout Arizona, we can begin work immediately and bill most insurance companies directly.

Water Damage Restoration

Minimize Your Loss & Restore Your Belongings

Water damage can happen faster than you may think, and without proper restoration it may continue long after the water flow has stopped.  After a water emergency, the first step is always to make sure that everyone’s safe. If a building seems unsafe to enter, you should stay out and keep others from entering.

When the source of the water damage is a leaking pipe, you should turn off the nearest valve if you can do so safely. If you can do so safely, you should also turn off the electricity service to the property.

Next, call the professionals at Quality Restoration. We respond 24-7-365 across the entire Tucson metro area.  Our highly skilled teams have plenty of experience in cleanup and restoration after water damage, fires and other disasters.

At Quality Restoration, we provide quick, effective water damage restoration following any type of disaster.

Restoration Contractors

Minimize Your Loss & Restore Your Belongings

Fire, smoke and water damage can all take an unexpected toll on your property and your well being. And, if your property has been a crime scene or there’s been an unattended death, then you’ll need professional biohazard cleanup.  Even when the disaster seems overwhelming, we can help. Quality Restoration is Tucson’s leading restoration contractor.

We’ll clean up and restore your property so it’s safe for normal use again. Our expert teams respond anytime during the day, night or weekend to cleanup after any disaster.

We’re fully trained and certified, and we have all the specialized equipment necessary to completely restore your property to pristine condition. We handle everything – Water removal and cleanup, fire damage restoration, and also crime scene and blood cleanup.

Quality Restoration cleans, sanitizes, deodorizes and even rebuilds your property if necessary.  We’ve been helping Arizona property owners recover from disasters for more than 33 years now.  Regardless of how bad a disaster may look, we can quickly restore your property back to safe, normal condition.

Tucson Fire Damage: Why the Pros Should Clean the Mess

April 12,2016

After the fire’s been extinguished and the fire trucks are gone, the homeowner is left with a smoking, sodden mess to straighten out. Unless the fire was limited to a very small area, experts recommend homeowners hire professional contractors to clean the damaged property.

If contacted immediately, and assuming they have immediate access to the property, a professional cleaning crew can alleviate the worst of the corrosion, discoloration, and stench before they become major problems. Reputable contractors who specialize in fire and smoke damage restoration have a 24-hour emergency call line and can quickly assemble a trained professional team to perform the work. To ensure the company is reputable, check with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Quality Restoration 24 Hour Emergency Services offers expert Tucson Water Damage Restoration.

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The Best To Call In The Worst Situation